Ryan speaks with Lincs FM

Updated: Apr 14

It’s day one of The Big Step, and I’m approximately 20 miles in, and Lincs FM has just put out a news story that ‘a Lincoln man is fighting for the government to end all gambling sponsorship, advertising, and promotion in football.’

That ‘Lincoln man’ would be me. Although I’ve been living down south for the past dozen or so years, ultimately, I am a yellowbelly and proud.

As a child, I actually had a tour of the Lincs FM studio on a school trip. Being so young and innocent back then, I certainly never envisaged some 20 years or so later that I would be part of a feature talking about my life as a gambling addict.

Whilst I am a proud Lincolnite, I am even prouder to be in recovery and walking alongside my peers who have been impacted by gambling addiction either directly or as an affected other. Together, we fight to end gambling advertising and sponsorship in football.

Make sure you sign The Big Step’s petition by clicking here and following the process.


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