Ryan appears on BBC Breakfast

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Day four of The Big Step and it’s more media, and it doesn’t really get much bigger than BBC Breakfast News. One has to say that James Grimes has done an excellent job on drawing attention to this campaign.

This particular piece was recorded the evening before the start of the event, at a time in which I was feeling much fresher than I am today that’s for sure. When I got to the hotel last night I was in absolute agony and didn’t think that I would be out here walking again.

However, seeing the faces of so many ‘Experts by Experience’ has really perked me up and kept me going, and they are the primary reason I am chugging along to Leicester.

The reaction that we’ve had to this particular video which features James, Steve Ramsey and I has been absolutely phenomenal. During the recording I got rather emotional (as the clip clearly shows) when reflecting on those dark times. But those difficult moments have made me the person that I am today; someone that I am slowly learning to love and accept.


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