Our Team.

Every member of the TalkGEN C.I.C leadership team has lived experience of gambling-harm, and we are all driven by a need to channel our experiences in a positive manner towards a greater good. The TalkGEN team believe that our unique balance of lived and professional experiences help us to excel in all of our research and education efforts.

Kishan Patel
Chief Executive Officer

I've experienced gambling harm all my life - right from birth. For the first 22 years of my life, I didn't fully comprehend gambling harm. To me, I thought we were the only ones - no one will understand anything.Before I got to the age of... read more

Christopher Gilham
Chief Financial Officer

I have personally experienced gambling harm, as well as alcohol dependence. I have been gamble free and sober since October 2017.Since a child I have battled with my mental health. I started to drink and then later gamble...read more


Shapthahi Saminathan
Research Officer

Ubayd Ahmed
Head of PGHDC

Since the age of 16, I've suffered from gambling related harm. I've suffered both physically and mentally. All of this came to a head in December 2019, and I finally decided to get the relevant help. Having been free of gambling...read more

Ursula Skeet
Research Officer

I was first introduced to the programme after meeting Chris Gilham, Ryan Pitcher and Kishan Patel virtually and ever since then have been committed to be apart of this change. After personally experiencing Gambling Harm, I know how... read more

George Ellis