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About TalkGEN

TalkGEN is a non-profit organisation that is built independently and by individuals with lived experience. Our purpose is to utilise lived experience of gambling-harm to help guide gambling-harm prevention strategies.


Our Mission

Our Focus


Lead with integrity

Our integrity is founded on the learnings from our experiences. Through our work, we use our understanding of our own journeys to deliver open and honest conversations on

gambling-harm issues.


We offer a unique and fearless exploration of the issues that surround gambling-harm as we are independent from industry influence. Our independence means that we are free to conduct the research that is so desperately needed.

Need driven

Gambling-harm has grown rapidly in recent decades. Addiction rates have been fuelled by rapid rises in availability, normalisation, and targeted advertising. TalkGEN have a determined resolve to tackle the injustices surrounding gambling-harm.


lived experience

We believe that lived experience should be at the forefront of understanding and appreciating gambling-harm.

We ensure that our focus on preventing gambling-harm is in all of the work that we do as a community interest company.


We conduct innovative, independent, and impactful research that then informs legislative, regulatory, and health care policy. Our research takes all shapes and sizes, and importantly we will never be influenced by industry.


We are part of a growing community that speaks out and raises awareness of neglected issues. We pride ourselves on our collaborative values, to share resources and expertise openly, which helps us to create impacts that are so desperately needed.


We bring together the voices of lived experience with evidence-based research to provide unique insights for medical, education professionals, the general public, and also decision-makers within legislative and regulatory domains.

Our Work


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