We are a UK non-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention and reduction of gambling-harm.

Here at TalkGEN, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since our founding in 2020, we have been determined to make as much impact as possible.


The core of our efforts is to bring out the ideas and passion of people with lived experience to a range of activities that reduce and prevent gambling harm. Through all of our endeavours, we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

Our Values

Lead with Integrity

We use our understanding of our own journeys to deliver open and honest conversations around gambling-harm issues. We have a strong commitment to being driven by the need for change, to be impact-driven, and to be transparent in doing so. Our efforts match our intentions and are underpinned by an evidence-based public health approach.


We offer a fearless exploration of the issues that surround gambling harm as we are independent of industry influence. Being an independent non-profit means that we are free to be focused on driving impact instead of other interests. The insight we have from our lived experience is critical to making sure what we do actually works or is effective. 


We have a determined resolve to tackle the injustices surrounding gambling harm. We collaborate with various leading providers in healthcare and those with a mission to help anyone harmed by gambling. Collaboration is paramount to drive changes. Together, we are campaigning to change perceptions of gambling harm and show that it is a public health issue.  

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Frequently asked questions

What is gambling-harm?

Research has identified a broad taxonomy of harms suffered by those with lived experience of gambling. They categorise the types of individuals into three groups. First, harms experienced by people who gamble. Secondly, harms experienced by affected others of people who gamble. This refers to people who do not gamble themselves, but experience harm which stems from a person who gambles. Thirdly, harms experienced by communities as a consequence of gambling.

For these first two categories of harms, the kinds of harm are categorised into three “temporal modalities”, General, Crisis, and Legacy. General refers to harm, as the name suggests, which arises from gambling on a general basis, such as the erosion of savings. Crisis refers to harm that is more extreme and has immediate consequences, such as bankruptcy or relationship breakdown. Legacy refers to harms which are experienced over a longer period of time, often which arise out of General or Crisis harms, such as ongoing financial hardship or restrictions due to bankruptcy.

Finally, for all three groups, the types of harms experienced are divided into eight categories: financial harm, relationship disruption, conflict or breakdown, emotional or psychological distress, decrements to health, cultural harm, reduced performance at work or study, criminal activity, lifecourse and intergenerational harms.

What is lived experience?

Lived experience or experts by experience (EbE’s) are individuals who have understanding or knowledge through direct first-hand involvement.

What is TalkGEN?

TalkGEN is a non-profit organisation that was established in November 2020 by individuals with lived experience to create as much positive impact in reducing and preventing gambling-harm as possible. We started working together for the first-time on the All Bets Are Off Podcast in April 2020. We came together in lockdown because we each wanted to help make a difference to someone else who may be struggling with gambling-harm.

What is TalkGEN's vision?

We want to eliminate the devastating effects of gambling-harm in the current generation of those suffering and prevent the effects reaching future generations.

What is TalkGEN's mission?

We believe in people with lived experience and the change that they can bring through research, education, and treatment (RET). Therefore, TalkGEN is lived experience led and lived experience focused.

How is TalkGEN funded?

TalkGEN is on the Gambling Commissions’ published RET list of approved charities to which licensed operators must direct their annual contributions for research and treatment. To be on this list, organisations must demonstrate their impact, independence and contribute to the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. TalkGEN has otherwise received funding from the gambling industry by means of regulatory settlements applied for socially responsible purposes. These occur when the Commission takes regulatory action against a gambling operator, an outcome of that action can include a payment in lieu of the financial penalty the Commission might otherwise impose for breach of a licence condition. TalkGEN has also been supported by grants through PeaceFirst and Bolton Borough Council.